Halloweeen Special (en)

Update: The haunted Graveyard is now compatible to the new Scenery and the generic Walker.


This Halloween special consists of an additional scenery for the new and improved animated Walker. Somewhere on the wonderful Isle of Skye is an evil graveyard. Only the walker can reach and explore it . But be cautious .


The download archive containsone archive . The Objects Archive contains the additional scenery and should be extracted to a different folder then your folder for  Terrasync. The launcher needs to be configured with both scenery paths. The one for the custom scenery must be before the actual scenery path. The paths are seperated with ; under Windows and with : on Linux and MacOS.


First you will want to install the Walker. Take off at the Airfield  Isle of Skye , Runway 25. Head west along the Coast. After passing the first hill turn left into the Valley and look at the side of the Mountain for the Graveyard. Any Helicopter or STOL Aircraft can land near the Graveyard . Then continue with the Walker.

Tip: Set weather to CAT I minimum and 17:00 local.

 The legacy Graveyard/Walker is available

A special thanks to Stewart Andreason ( http://www.seahorsecorral.org ) for the animation and motion system of the Walker and Rexx_O for the suggestions .